Aggregate Testing

Within the construction industry, this is an essential material and is usually a variety of natural sand and gravel or crushed rock and even man made materials. 

Used regularly as an element of concrete and similar substances such as capping and subbase and also for more specific uses including filter media or track ballast.

Because aggregate can be created from such varied sources and can be used in so many different ways, testing is absolutely necessary and an important part of your project.

At MATtest, we can carry out testing for quality control, make sure it complies with required specification, compare materials and confirm compliance with project or current Standards.

We offer various capabilities in testing aggregate on-site and in our laboratory, depending on your requirements. We can discuss your needs and help you reach a decision to make sure you source and use the right aggregate for your project. Our experienced team will provide a thorough assessment and show you the aggregate properties.

The range of physical, mechanical and chemical tests undertaken include:-

  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Moisture Content
  • Particle Density and Water Absorption
  • Aggregate Impact Value
  • Sulphate and Chloride Content
  • Frost Heave
  • Resistance to Fragmentation

If you have a project that requires aggregate testing, get in touch with us for expert, impartial advice.

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